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Our room is your room. Hang pictures; bring your bed and furniture. If you travel light we can provide the bed and furniture. Our rooms vary from 240 sq ft to 300 sq ft. and 3 – 4 piece bathrooms. Intercom for voice communication and an Emergency Response System is in every room, which means if you need help we are there. You can talk with us right away. Cable is provided for your private television viewing.

We want to make sure you know that you are safe. There are monitored doors and video surveillance in the hallways and common areas, secondary lighting in case of power failures and the usual fire safety plan and equipment. The intercom also provides for communication if needed.

Share a room with a friend or a room for one where friends come and visit. It is up to you. Speaking of friends when company does come we have a private room for special or any occasion.

Our Respite/Convalescent package offers a love one, or a couple, when a spouse is receiving ongoing treatment at a local hospital a temporary stay with, should you require, around the clock care until you are ready to return home.